16. June 2022
10. Mai 2022

Successful premiere for the EuroJam

Premiere of a new format with talks and music on Europe Day: Six high-level speakers from very different areas of society stood on the stage in Berlin on May 9th for the EuroJam and presented new thoughts on Europe. In addition, five musicians from five different European countries came together for the music jam and shared the stage for the first time.

A web portal will be launched at www.euro-jam.eu in the coming weeks on which the talks by Dunja Hayali, Richard Lutz, Idil Baydar, Marina Weisband, Bernd Neuendorf and Karl Lauterbach will be shown. The portal should bundle all the ideas and thoughts about Europe and will be constantly expanded.

All the background information and pictures from this year’s EuroJam are already available on the website: www.euro-jam.eu

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