06. May 2023

EuroJam 2023 on 9 May (Europe Day)

The spokesperson of the new PEN Berlin, Deniz Yücel, the new Berlin Senator for Integration, Labour, Social Affairs, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination, Cansel Kiziltepe, the new Ukrainian Ambassador Oleksii Makeiev, the AI entrepreneur Nicole Büttner-Thiel, inclusion activist and best-selling author Raul Krauthausen and the Green Party politician Tessa Ganserer: The second EuroJam on 9 May will once again bring together some of the leading speakers from today’s most relevant social and political topics.

The EuroJam combines politics, music and new thoughts on Europe. This year’s European music acts are Aka Kelzz (UK) and Time for T (Portugal/Spain). The event will take place in Berlin’s Glashaus and Badeschiff and is organised by us for the second time.

Every year on Europe Day, we invite one of the most distinguished representatives from different areas of society. The special thing about it is that each speaker is completely free to choose their own topic. The only requirements are a maximum length of 10 minutes per talk and a topic related to Europe. With the EuroJam, we deliberately want to create an unconventional format that can revitalise the debate on Europe.

This year, too, everyone has the opportunity to take part in the EuroJam. Tickets are not for sale, but only available through a short registration process. Friends of Europe can still register free of charge until 7 May. Tickets will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Glashaus and Badeschiff at the Arena Berlin.
Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin

Admission: from 5pm
Start: 6pm




03. December 2020
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