The Voices of Europe Project is the name of the new choir that unites people with different European roots and stories. But it is also the name of an experiment or – if you like – a movement.

Come along on the journey

The Voices of Europe Project is about getting in touch with European languages simply by singing together, and thus getting into an intensive contact with Europe. You do not have to understand a language to get a feeling for it. Even the mere fact of approaching a language, curiosity and an open ear can be the key to a better understanding, to a deeper acquaintance, to a more lively bond between neighbors. The project is like a journey through the continent, which lets us experience its diversity and beauty in a new way.

The new European Choir

Dozens of singers with a European background have applied for The Voices of Europe Project. Among them 25 were selected. Together they form The Voices of Europe Project. In September the singers came together for the first time to rehearse a completely new piece of music: the „European Medley in 12 Languages“.

The „European Medley in 12 Languages".

The first stop on our trip is the „European Medley in 12 Languages”. We combine traditional songs, some of which are several hundred years old and have long been considered bearers of national culture, into a new piece of lively and modern European culture. The Europamedley is performed in live Sing-Along concerts. Concert goers are encouraged to sing along; they become part of the medley and learn 12 different European languages.

The Voices of Europe Project on Tour

We are ready and can hardly wait: As soon as the pandemic situation allows it, The Voices of Europe Project will appear for the first time – probably towards the early summer 2022. Join us on a journey through the colorful diversity of Europe. All updates and exclusive insights into The Voices of Europe Project are available on our Instagram Channel.

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