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Here you will find recommendations for information on Europe, which not everyone knows, but everyone should know. Together with experts, we search the Internet for articles, websites and videos that make Europe comprehensible. Help us to do this and point us to particularly recommendable Europe content on the Internet.

“Creativity, genius and a capacity for rebirth and renewal are part of the soul of Europe” – that is how Pope...
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European Capital of Culture
At least one city has been named European Capital of Culture every year since 1985. In the beginning it was mainly the big...
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My favourite European site is Every day, it offers almost a dozen commentaries selected from hundreds of...
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Meeting Halfway
Interrail, hitch-hiking, backpacking – that is how you got to know Europe back in the 80s. I did it myself and it was terrific...
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What Europe does for me
It is a question we ask ourselves quite frequently these days, not least because of the populists who, considering themselves in...
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Piqd has its own channel for Europe only! There you will find posts based on the classic piqd principle: piqd authors have taken...
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European Council, Council of the European Union, Council of Europe: Few things are as confusing for EU citizens as the...
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Deutschlandfunk is a product of the Cold War. The station was supposed to send its “ether waves”, which Federal President...
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In 2012, Treffpunkteuropa received the European Citizens’ Prize. The justification stated: “With its highly topical...
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Brussels-bashing would seem to be part of the standard lexicon of sceptics and malcontents in all EU member states. I myself...
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