Update wegen der Corona-Krise:
Das Casting wird wie geplant fortgeführt. Der Workshop wird von Ostern auf voraussichtlich Pfingsten verschoben. Ein Auftritt am Europatag, dem 9. Mai, findet nicht statt.

Celebrate diversity together: be part of our project!

The Voices of Europe Project is the name of the new choir that unites people with different European roots and stories. But it is also the name of an experiment or – if you like – a movement. If you stand behind the European idea of cooperation, solidarity and diversity and if you love to sing, then this is the right project for you. 

Join us: Workshop and concert on August 25-27, 2022, in Berlin

The Voices of Europe Project is about getting in touch with European languages simply by singing together, and thus getting into an intensive contact with Europe.

The first piece The Voices of Europe Project performs is the “European medley in 12 languages”. The idea behind the medley is to introduce different languages in a playful, modern and emotional way. As it is a sing-along-concept, the audience is invited to take part in various parts of the 20min piece. 

On August 27, you will perform the medley together in front of an audience for the first time. We will inform you on our Instagram-channel where these concerts will take place. 

To prepare you for the concert, you will be able to take part in a 2-day-workshop in Berlin, where renowned coaches will guide you through the songs and you will also study a little choreography. 

Of course, participation in the multi-day workshop is free of charge for you. We will cover all travel and subsistence costs. You will also receive sheet music, recordings for practice and a small compensation for each performance day.

If you are interested in the project, but are not available on the respective dates, don’t despair: We have plenty more occasions coming up and are happy to receive your application. 


How do I apply?

Apply now for The Voices of Europe Project! All it takes is a small video. Image and sound quality are not decisive. The main thing is that your voice can be heard well and your face can be seen. Mobile phone quality is enough!

This is how it goes:

  • The video should be a maximum of 3 minutes long.
  • Introduce yourself! Name, age, place of residence and describe your singing experience in two sentences. (Do you sing in choir, solo, karaoke, in the shower?)
  • Why is Europe important to you and why do you want to sing in our Europe-choir?
  • Task: Sing 1-2 minutes of your favorite song, or a song that best accentuates your voice, either with an instrumental (karaoke playback), with accompaniment or a capella.

Please send us the video via a WeTransfer-Link to the following e-mail: voices[at]twfe.de

We are looking forward to your application! 


Of course, we hope that all singers can take part in as many dates as possible. If you should miss a gig, we will still find a solution. However, please state in your application if you already know when you can’t.

You only have to do this in your application video so that we can get to know your voice.

Yes absolutely! In addition to the sheet music, you will also receive a recording (“Teach Me – Recording”) with which you can easily learn both your and the other voices.

Basically every choir experience is good, even if it was a long time ago. Everything else will be shown in your application video.

Your application video will not be published. It will only be sifted through by our choir director Lili Sommerfeld, her assistants and the project management. Of course, your data will only remain with our association Tu was für Europa and will not be passed on to third parties.

It is an adventure that we all embark on, so that it becomes a very special experience for everyone and that we as a choir are as visible as possible. Of course we hope that in addition to the tour appearances there will also be media appearances (radio and TV) so that the choir can become known as much as possible, but we cannot yet say when, where and what that will be because there is something like that often results in the short term. We will try to make sure that such performances interfere as little as possible with the rehearsal and tour schedule, but it will always be important that we are flexible here and that schedules are changed at short notice. The workshop and tour will also be accompanied by a video team, i.e. you may also be asked about the entire project and your participation. Don’t worry: Nobody has to give long interviews here if he or she doesn’t want to, but all participants should be open to telling something about themselves, especially of course with regard to their own relationship to Europe.